Brugmann University Hospital

The "Suniris" project consists of placing photovoltaic panels on the roofs of the "Horta" site. The primary objective of the "Suniris" project is to reduce the electricity consumption of the Horta site, but it is also to "set an example", by being visible to the many visitors of the Brugmann University Hospital and the Children's Hospital, and to represent an investment for the public finances. The saving in self-produced electricity is estimated at 418,000 kWh of electricity per year, which represents a primary energy saving of 1,056,598 kWhp and 165 tonnes of CO2 equivalent avoided.

Energetic optimisation of building G (VUB campus Etterbeek)

In building G on the VUB campus in Etterbeek, both education and research activities of the Faculty of Science and Bioscience Engineering take place. The building dates from 1975 and is no longer energetically in order. To remedy this, the building will be renovated layer by layer. In the first phase, the two upper floors (G8 and G9) with the largest consumption will be tackled (13 % of the surface uses 54 % of the total energy of the building). These two layers will be stripped almost completely.

School Center : Ma Campagne asbl

The Centre Scolaire de Ma Campagne consists of several buildings acquired, built and renovated in different periods. The energy improvement project focuses on two older wings of this facility, almost 6.000 m² heated. Three posts that have been identified as the most energy-intensive on the site will be renovated and their performance optimised.

This project has been selected in the framework of the call for projects 2018 "Improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings".

Community centre Elzenhof

"The optimization and renovation of the Elzenhof Community Centre, foresees : the creation of an entrance axis (access axis) in the entrance hall;  the renovation of the heating system into a compliant and energy-efficient installation; the renovation of the attic: Renovation of the attic roof shell; en the renovation of the rear building: renovation of the roof shell of the rear building with a high level of insulation.

This project has been selected in the framework of the call for projects 2018 "Improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings".


Centre des Sports ( Sports Center) des Chalets in Berchem-Sainte-Agathe

The "Centre des sports" project involves renovating the boilers at the Berchem-Sainte-Agathe sports centre.    The premises and rooms of the sports centre are heated by atmospheric gas boilers centralised in a dedicated room. These boilers are outdated and technically obsolete.   The aim of this project is to dismantle the existing heating installations and replace them with new high energy efficiency boilers: they will be of the condensing boiler type.

This project was selected in the framework of the 2018 call for projects "Improving energy efficiency in public buildings".

PROJECT U: Conversion of a building and regrouping of the services of the Commune of Uccle

The Commune of Uccle currently has buildings located in various parts of the Commune to house its services. In order to improve the welcome to the citizen and the synergies between the services, it has acquired all the "Fabricom" buildings located on rue de Stalle. This complex is monofunctional, energetically and technically obsolete, but has great architectural value. The project therefore concerns the in-depth transformation of this building by significantly improving its energy performance.

Renovation Campus de la plaine ULB / VUB

The project consists of : A complete renovation of the substations (exchangers, collectors, variable flow pumps, valves, regulation, metering according to GEP,...), the addition of 1 to 2 gas-fired cogeneration units for a total thermal capacity of around 1.5 MW (this cogeneration would produce approximately 50% of the heat required to heat the site).  The possible replacement of the old 10 MW gas boiler (dating from 1975) by a 6 MW condensing boiler.  The complete replacement of regulation: cascade management, network climate regulation, variable flow regulation of the network, substation

Collège Saint-Hubert: Roof insulation work

The project consists of reducing the building's energy losses by improving its insulation. This first phase will subsequently allow a photovoltaic installation, outside the ERDF project. The purpose of the intervention will be the reinforcement of the thermal insulation in flat roofs.  This item includes the new waterproofing, accessories, downspouts and connections useful for the proper execution of the work, which is considered complete according to the rules of the trade.

ALICIA- Institut Saint-André Ixelles

The project consists of renovating a site containing four buildings, providing accommodation for additional classrooms and improving the energy performance of the complex. The part of the project covered by the ERDF (phase 2) concerns three of the four buildings on the site. The works aim to improve the GRP in buildings J, G and F and to repair the roof, insulation and replace the heating system (from oil to gas).

This project has been selected in the framework of the call for projects 2018 "Improvement of energy efficiency in public buildings".