In May and June 2023, it’s “EU in my Region”.

Discover the projects

supported by the European Union

in Brussels-Capital Region.

The “EU in my Region” activities agenda in Brussels-Capital Region

EU in my Region, to discover Europe in Brussels

In May and June 2023, it’s Europe in my Region, an opportunity to discover and visit the projects supported by the ERDF in the Brussels region.

Activities throughout Brussels
From the FoodMet project at the Anderlecht slaughterhouses to the VUB swimming pool, including an visits  and bike rides, there are more than twenty activities on offer to help you discover the projects supported by the ERDF throughout the Region.
To find out all about it and plan your activities, go to the Agenda >

Europe and Brussels-Capital Region are investing in our future!
Together, and thanks to the ERDF (European Regional Development Fund), Europe and the Region are carrying out numerous projects for the benefit of the people of Brussels.

This joint support from the European Union and the Region, within the framework of the ERDF, is truly a Plus for Brussels!

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