Programming projects FEDER 2007 – 2013

District nursery “Lily”

Acquisition and transformation of a disused building into an energy-efficient nursery. Inaugurated in June 2012, the new nursery  has created 24 additional places in the municipality. The nursery is located in an area with a large number of single-parent families. The Lily nursery facilitates the access of residents of the zone to work or training insertion.

The nursery has created 5 new direct jobs, subsidized by the OCMW.

In terms of equal opportunities, the project is part of a logic of economy and social innovation. Four OCMW agents facilitate access to training and integration into the labor market.  A third of the children come from a family that benefits from the OCMW allocations.

Addresse : Rue de Danemark 15 Bruxelles 1060 Belgique

Catégorie de projets : Axe 2

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Programme : 2007 – 2013

Budget total : 0.89 Mio €

Budget EU + RBC : 0.61 Mio €

Crèche de quartier "Lily"

Rue de Danemark 15 Bruxelles 1060 Belgique

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