Programming projects FEDER 2007 – 2013

BYRRH : Be-Here Supporting the enterprises

The former “Byrrh” establishments (owned by the Social Action Center -CPAS of Brussels) have been renovated to become a new center of urban economic activities but also a lively and friendly place.

Infrastructure and logistics facilities respect the architectural heritage, while achieving an efficient pole. Production workshops and sales areas usually overlook the courtyard, whose glass structure has been beautifully renovated, to make it a living place. The project is targeted at businesses in the sustainable food chain, but also at social economy projects that generate jobs. These are over 9000m2 renovated and open to the neighborhood.



Addresse : 4a Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, Bruxelles 1020 Belgique

Catégorie de projets : Axe 1

Website : Website Be-Here

Liens utiles : website CPAS BRUXELLES

Programme : 2007 – 2013

Budget total : 19.95 Mio €

Budget EU + RBC : 10.78 Mio €

BYRRH : Be-Here Soutien aux entreprises

4a Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, Bruxelles 1020 Belgique

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