Programming projects FEDER 2007 – 2013

PORT SUD/ COOP: Supporting the enterprises

The COOP, a 5.099m² site bordering the canal in Anderlecht, is open since October 2016.  The former Moulart mill has been completely converted into an economic and cultural centre, both a place of work and learning.

And on the rooftops you have a panoramic terrace offering a breathtaking and unprecedented view of Brussels, spanning 360°.

COOP Entreprises is dedicated to hosting some 20 companies, in an original working environment. COOP Discoveries is also organised around a permanent exhibition on the canal, workshops and a river innovation project.
Based on partnerships between public and private stakeholders and ERDF founds,COOP is a dynamic, participatory, urban and economic revitalisation project.



Addresse : Quai Demets 23 Bruxelles 1070 Belgique

Catégorie de projets : Axe 1

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Programme : 2007 – 2013

Budget total : 9.34 Mio €

Budget EU + RBC : 7.67 Mio €

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