Programming projects FEDER 2014 – 2020


MAD’s TRIAXES programme is a unique working method developed in Brussels and aimed at Brussels-based entrepreneurs. 

Inspired by the R&D process used in big companies, it offers support from a team of three professional experts to develop a product intended for mass manufacturing (TRIAXESpro) or to develop a brand within the fashion sector (TRIAXESmode).  The programme’s strengths are :  a collaborative approach, that works quickly and in coherence with the market.   The experts are selected and trained in a collaborative working methodology. Once they are acknowledged, they are given the TRIAXES label. 

The TRIAXES methodology is also applied to teaching (TRIAXESens) through a partnership between Solvay Business School, La Cambre and The Brussels School of Engineering. Every year, three 2nd year Master’s students in industrial design, engineering and management develop innovative products.  

This programme is supported by ERDF and Innoviris.



Address: Place du Nouveau Marché aux grains 10, Bruxelles 1000 Belgique

Projects category: Axe 2


Programme: 2014 – 2020

Total budget: 1.90 Mio €

EU + BCR Budget: 1.70 Mio €

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