Programming projects FEDER 2014 – 2020


The project aims to create a new cultural, commercial and tourist hub around Belgian beer in the Bourse building in Brussels.

The current estimated area of the site is approximately 12,500 m² (basement and archaeological site included) and the total amount of the works is estimated at 30 million euros. The complex will be organized around the main hall and will include a reception area, Belgian beer experience areas and the archaeological site “Bruxelles 1238” (link to be created with the basement), a brewery, a training and seminar center, a specialist beer business and a Belgian beer documentation center.

Partners :  Belgian brewers  (ASBL) en Belgian Beer experience  (professional association).



Address: Boulevard Anspach 80 Bruxelles 1000 Belgique

Projects category: Axe 2

Programme: 2014 – 2020

Total budget: 28.57 Mio €

EU + BCR Budget: 7.22 Mio €


Boulevard Anspach 80 Bruxelles 1000 Belgique

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