Programming projects FEDER 2014 – 2020

Dev’Up Team (FEBRAP)

The Dev’Up Team project aims to develop or diversify the activities of the 11 adapted work companies (ETAs) in Brussels in order to maintain the employment of the 1,450 disabled people employed there.

This project falls under two axes:

  • on the one hand, setting up a team of two project developers to serve each ETA. This team determines for each of them which development project is the most coherent before putting it in place and monitoring it.
  • on the other hand, the organization of individualized training aimed at improving the entrepreneurial skills associated with the innovation of each management team in each ETA..


Addresse : Rue Fernand Bernier 15 Bruxelles 1060 Belgique

Catégorie de projets : Axe 2

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Programme : 2014 – 2020

Budget total : 0.72 Mio €

Budget EU + RBC : 0.60 Mio €

Dev’Up Team (FEBRAP)

Rue Fernand Bernier 15 Bruxelles 1060 Belgique

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