Programming projects FEDER 2014 – 2020

Hamster: Heat, Air and Moisture real scale Test facility for building elements

The HAMSTER project aims to design, build and validate test equipment to study the hygrothermal behavior and energy performance of building elements with realistic dimensions.

This equipment is innovative in its versatility since the indoor and outdoor climates can be completely simulated, the installation will study the different types of walls of a building (walls, pitched or flat roofs, floors) and it will achieve both measurement tests in static conditions (U value measurements) and in dynamic conditions for which the variations of the outside climate will be simulated (study of the hygrometric behavior, etc.).

Installed in the “Greenbizz” center of excellence in sustainable construction, the equipment will be made available to any entity wishing to use it as part of its research at the end of the project.



Programme : 2014 – 2020

Total budget: 1.89 Mio €

EU + BCR Budget: 1.51 Mio €


Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 17 Bruxelles 1020 Belgique

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