Programming projects FEDER 2014 – 2020


The aim of the METROLAB project (MLB) is to set up an inter-university, interdisciplinary laboratory for applied and critical urban research, through a consortium of four research centers (architecture, urban planning, sociology, geography).

In particular, it aims to support the five promising sectors identified under the ERDF Operational Program for the period 2014-2020 and therefore wishes to contribute its expertise and critical skills to this 2014-2020 ERDF program.

Through the continuous scientific animation of the network and projects supported by FEDER Brussels 2014-2020, the Metrolab has two main objectives: i) To generate exchanges of knowledge and to test the capacity of universities to contribute at the reflexive level and on the plan. practice in public policy; ii) Analyze urban issues in Brussels in order to foster the dialogue between research and urban policies.

To carry out its mission of scientific animation and valorisation of the research, the Metrolab relies on two intertwined and interdependent actions in close interaction with operators financed by the ERDF OP 2014-2020:

METROLAB, doctoral and postdoctoral research. Each of the research undertaken within the framework of the project aims to develop a network of ERDF project holders. The advancements of research, individual and collective are always published, with various deadlines, on our website.

METROLAB activities and events: seminars, conferences, workshops (ongoing activities) and Masterclasses and colloquia (biennial activities) aimed at bringing together the scientific team, the field actors and experts on urban issues.
The actions are part of the Urban Sustainable Development Program of the European Union (ie urban inclusion, production and ecology).




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