Programming projects FEDER 2014 – 2020


The NovaCity project consists in creating a reception area for SMEs covering an area of approximately 7,600 m².

This space will be integrated into an overall urban planning project that aims to be innovative in terms of urban integration of economic functions, functional diversity and housing diversity. Indeed, the project includes, excluding ERDF funding, the construction of housing units under agreement (about 24,500 m²), student housing (about 3,150 m²), shops (about 1,100 m²) and equipment (about 360 m²). Special attention is given in the project to the separation of SME traffic and residential traffic.

The typology of the buildings has been defined in order to accommodate a vertical mix. For the part of the project covered by the ERDF subsidy, the aim is to develop a mixed project between housing (about 7,500 m²) and economic activities (about 7,600 m²).

The project benefits from a depollution subsidy to cover studies, soil analyzes and remediation work.



Address: Rue Gabrielle Petit 6 Bruxelles 1080 Belgique

Projects category: Axe 2

Programme: 2014 – 2020

Total budget: 13.02 Mio €

EU + BCR Budget: 9.58 Mio €


Rue Gabrielle Petit 6 Bruxelles 1080 Belgique

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